We feature European quality and workmanship from start to finish. Oak is our primary product, but we can also offer other species based on your requirements.

Pick your grade, species, and finishing option, or have it done on-site ; the choice is yours!



Elegance with an edge!

4est Curve - simply beautiful and natural

​Designers love it, Architects adore it, and so will you!.

Our flagship product is called 4estCurve Deluxe. It features a European Oak 4mm top wear-layer mounted onto 12 mm of birch plywood which results in a very high-quality   16mm 5/8" end product that provides stability, ease of installation and exceptional beauty. Announcing 4est Curve Standard. The same quality, stability, and workmanship, but 13/3 (1/2") at very attractive prices!

The 10 board repeat system covers almost 4 square meters (40 square feet)and features long and wide variable-width boards.